About Us

About Tech Medics

Hello and a very warm welcome to Tech Medics Computer & Technology Support. My name is Martin if you want to know a bit about us and what we do?…well read on.
If you are looking for a good, honest local computer tech repair guy then look no further.

We are a small family run business who take great care in your device whether it’s a laptop, phone, PC or games console. Whatever the problem we will give you our honest opinion on its repair, even if that means we don’t get a job!

If you bring your PC/Laptop/Games console/Device to us for repair you are not just a number on a sheet you are what keeps us in business. So every job to us is important. Look at our reviews they do the talking for us.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. All of our business is through recommendations and word of mouth. In fact we haven’t advertised since we’ve started business!

Meet Us

Our big 3 Services to you

Laptop & PCs Repairs

Tech Medics fix all makes and models of laptops and desktop PC’s. Some of our most common repairs are screen and hard drive replacement.

We can reload the operating system to give your machine that brand new feeling again. Troubleshooting, virus and malware removal, system tune ups, upgrades and power problems.

Games Console Repairs

This is one of our Specialities. We have many years of experience in repairing common faults to games consoles. PS5 & PS4, Xbox ones, and Switches are our repair specialities.

Very Common repairs here are PS5 hdmi Repairs, Xbox one HDD replacements, PS4 HDMI port repairs and Nintendo switch USB C port replacements all of which require a high level of micro soldering skills which are all done here at Tech Medics.

With this experience Tech Medics are already repairing the next generation of consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X and the Switch. Tech Medics also repair handheld devices like Nintendo Switch Lite ect and so on.

iPad & Tablet Repairs

Tech Medics fix all makes and models with competitive repair prices. Smashed screens are the most common repairs.

Repairs are usually done same day to minimize the feeling of being without your device as we know how important they are to people nowadays!

What else we do

iMac Repairs

iMacs and Macbooks are beautiful when they are working. However if they are not then we can help. With our repair service we use the highest quality parts from reputable suppliers with a 12 month warranty.

So when your Mac leaves our workshop it’s like it was when it left the factory.

Gadget Repair

If it’s got a circuit board and it needs fixing chances are we can probably help. So maybe something needs resoldering or ribbon cable reseating.

Give us a call as we have excellent microsoldering skills so no job is too small 😉


Business Support

Yes we are a small family run business, so it makes sense that we support small local businesses like yours.
Just see some of our other Business clients and we can honestly say call them and ask what they think of Tech Medics?
Then you might be joining the list of small businesses supported by us!


Another of our specialities is networking. With most homes now having Wifi getting the best signal and range extensions is something we have great knowledge in. Most houses now are in need of repeaters to extend the wireless coverage. We have an excellent set of tools to get the best out of your network. 3 access points in one house may seem excessive but if you have a big house the standard router supplied by BT Sky and Virgin will probably not be able to cover your whole house. We do wired installs too when nothing but the highest speeds will do. Cat5e/Cat6 cabling to wall mounted sockets is now becoming very useful around the home and office not just for internet but for sending audio and video to different rooms from one central location.

Data Recovery

Before we go on to tell you about our data recovery services, we have 3 words for you BACK IT UP. Now unfortunately you’re probably reading this because you haven’t so here’s what you need to do. Bring the failing drive to us and we will get that data back for you. When a drive starts to fail time can be the difference between getting your data back and losing everything.
We have had great success bringing data back from the dead and even if the drive is having problems we usually can retrieve the really important files and pictures/videos that can never be replaced. We know how to repair circuit boards so even a drive that won’t spin up could be salvaged with our knowledge.
But just in case you are reading this and you don’t need data recovery….BACK IT UP losing pictures of loved ones or precious moments will be heart breaking.