Networks for Poole & Bournemouth

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are great, they provide the flexibility to be able to go on the internet and share files around the home.

However if you need to extend a wireless network then that’s where we come in.

Whether there is no signal in certain parts of your house, connection issues, speed issues or you need a large wireless network setup for your company give us a call.

  • New Networks
  • Connection Issues
  • Speed Problems
  • Extend Networks
  • Better Coverage

Wired Networks

If you are after the best speed then there is only one way to go, wired!

If you need a cable run to a different room or a business networked together, Cat5e is the best way to go for stability and reliability.

Maybe you need  just a single wall socket or a large gigabit network for your business then give us a call.

Do you need a domain server and reliable backup data service for your business. If the answer if yes….we do it all…. so just give us a call!

  • Cable Runs
  • Wall Sockets
  • Extended Networks
  • Gigabit Networks
  • Domain Servers
  • Business Network Support
  • Troubleshooting