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Or should we title it boloxby..? Well after having the Samsung S8 for around 4 months now I have come to the conclusion that mobile technology is running out of ideas.

In fact i think some of it is actually going backwards. Take my S8 for example. It seems with every new smart phone now they take some feature away, then bring it back with the next release.

I like my s8 it has a great battery life, screen is amazing and I can put a memory card in it great. However it's missing a few features that I used on a regular basis on my S6.

Google assistant from a locked screen and an Infra red blaster so I don't have to hunt arount for a remote anymore!

Now most of you might say "that's just lazy" which is true but we are going backwards taking features away. So I've had enough I'm going back to an S6.

I'm all up for change but only when it's for the better and unfortunatley with mobile phones it seems to be 1 step forward and 2 back.

I really though the s8 was going to be perfect but missing these features and the useless bixby button makes me want to cash in now while it's still worth something.